60% under occupied spaces in offices

Optimize my workplace and anticipate the future of work?


A loss for your business!

This is why we have developed a space optimization solution to allow you to identify, implement and anticipate possible optimizations. With Wx, optimize your footprint, quantify your performance.

Average utilization for our clients, pre-crisis, and pre-project was 30%.

This results in costly Inefficiencies: $150B worth of corporate real estate square footage is empty.

  • Poor Planning : If the size of workplaces adjusted to match changes in headcount, the Fortune 500 would save $107 billion annually, equal to the cost of 1 million employees.
  • Misused Space: 89% of CRE executives are not satisfied with the use of space at their company.

And the COVID crisis has just accentuated this issue.


Your challenges

analyze factual information

Have factual information on the occupancy of your work environment. Measure the actual occupancy of your workspaces continuously and automatically, regardless of the life of your site to know the occupancy of your building and share this information with different departments.


digitalize your workspace to optimize it

Digitalize your work environment to optimize it. Make your real estate smart to optimize it and improve your business performance. Thanks to our measurement sensors and our smart dashboards, visualize the occupancy of your spaces, identify possible optimizations, manage your work environment during its lifetime and prepare your future real estate projects.

set up workplace balance

Find the right balance between quality of live and your workspace performance. Thanks to our algorithms designed by real estate experts, we define best layout and usage rules according to employees needs and find the right balance between sqm optimization and employee quality of life for business performance.

adapt your real estate to each needs

Facilitate change management by adapting space layout according to the transformation pace of the company and people behavior. Thanks to our analytics, implement the right changes and make your real estate a place of performance and productivity.

What’s différentiate us

real estate expertise

Our knowledge and expertise of 25 years in the development of spaces are modeled in our experts algorithms whose results are understandable by all.

most advanced solution

A noticeable difference between notre partenaire Jooxter' space analytics tools and the restitution of the occupancy measurement (Occupancy rate, Heatmap, etc.).

permanent innovation

A permanent investment for continuous
improvement, resulting in part of a co-construction with our clients

data science.png

your goals

gather (real) data

You need the data to make rational decisions regarding your workplace, and to convince your stakeholders. We leverage for that purpose our utilization sensors and various sources of data - including digital interactions.
To ensure a strong ROI and allow you to find the answer to your needs, we have developed the solution at the best overall cost available on the market.


your goals

Optimize your FM costs

Thanks to our sensors and our application, visualize in real time the used spaces, clean only the spaces that need it and let your employees know that the spaces are available again. And thanks to our cleaning dashboards, adapt your services to the new way of working. With our solution, win time and optimize your FM costs.
Today you are constantly cleaning your building. With our operator solutions, do smart cleaning and clean only the spaces that need it and adapt your servicesto the new ways of working. With occupancy sensors enable reactive cleaning to be safe at a lower cost.


In order to solve this problem, notre partenaire Jooxter helps large organizations to measure their current utilization and find the levers to reduce this waste of space.

In order to guide your workplace strategy, Wx Studio helps large organization to define right workplace portfolio.