make live a smooth employee experience?

89% of employees lose time at work. Finding available spaces that match their needs is one reason. That's why we have developed a workplace experience solution. With Wx Studio improve your performance just by improving your workplace experience.


office of the future

The office of the future requires less workstations and more collaboration; overall, it's a tremendous opportunity to unleash the potential of your workforce and create the perfect workplace to accelerate your business.

Slow down to speed up!

Design your own employee experience

Include the user in the design & the decision process.

By understanding how your people work, asking what they want, and involving them in the decision process. You will limit the need for change management, and you will simply achieve a better design. Reason eats opinion for breakfast. That is why we perform extensive analysis on the data gathered and employ sophisticated algorithms to determine the key variables to take into account in your workplace transformation.


With our modern lifestyles and professional careers forcing the majority of us to spend our time indoors, architects and engineers have a significant opportunity to positively impact people’s health and wellbeing. Taking this idea further, to what extent do architects and engineers have a duty to ensure that building occupants are healthy and happy? A premise for this question is a recognition of the value of people-focused design. Designing for health and wellbeing is not about a “quick fix” solution. Wellbeing is a comprehensive term that encapsulates a hierarchy of needs, spanning physiological, psychological, social and personal aspects.
For built environment professionals, this requires an integrated, interdisciplinary approach that is sensitive to the impacts of design and operations on occupant behavior.

  • How can built environment professionals play a role in enhancing the health and wellbeing of occupants?
  • How does health and wellbeing go beyond building design and performance?
  • How do we measure impact?

Wx provides consultancy project management and a range of specialist services that connect people with innovation and technology. Our wellbeing services utilize the latest technology, academic research and behavioral change theories to help clients define, embed and achieve a holistic wellbeing strategy. As a practice that has always promoted people-centered design and social sustainability within our core values, we offer an innovative new “Design for Operation” approach centered around human health and wellbeing.

We understand that organizations are constantly being challenged to do more for their people. Mandated by changing demographics, tough economic climates, health imperatives, and technological advancements, the built environment is under increasing pressure to support individuals, organizations and communities, and to help them thrive. Our experienced interdisciplinary team can advise you on design and management practices enhanced for positive outcomes in human health and wellbeing.


  • prepare your visit to the site

    Plan and confirm your presence at the office and/or at the company restaurant directly from your home using our mobile or web application. This way, your site manager can organize the visitors and make sure that the site is in good sanitary condition.

  • find the spaces you need

    Visualize the available spaces in real time and quickly find the spaces that suit your needs when you need them. Thanks to our Wx Space eXperience application, use the mapview or the overview to meet your needs.

  • move quickly to wherever you want

    Use the itinerary search to move quickly around the building and visualize your way. Thanks to our sensors, we benefit from indoor geolocation and save time in your day.
    Visualize in real time the available spaces that have been cleaned to get there peacefully and concentrate on your work.

a successful digital employee experience

We work with numerous technology providers - wifi, infrared, accelerometers, AI-powered optical sensors... to source the best setup for your workplace, and start collecting the data. We can then tell you how much your workplace is used, the average size of a meeting, the average time spent in an area or in a given setting... and many other metrics to support your workplace experience decisions.



‍We believe data privacy should be everyone’s main concern; therefore, we only work with GDPR-compliant technologies.

  • manage and control

    manage and control

    Manage and control the correct implementation of sanitary rules on your site

  • available directly

    available directly

    Our digital workplace solutions are available directly in your applications, display screens and information systems with our APIs and Websocket.


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