half workplace consultant, half technology provider!

a sodexo corp-up

We have founded the company in 2017 as a Sodexo corp-up, to pursue one mission:

Lead the workplace and employee experience revolution towards a liquid, data-driven, human-centric world of work.

key figures

  • 45 employees
  • 7 offices
  • 85 corporations served
  • 2m sq.ft. analyzed
  • 17 countries

100% workplace consultant, &, 100% technology provider

an unusual company

We are:

  • surprised by the way interactions in the office are actually measured and taken into account in the implementation of real estate projects.
  • passionate about the sophistication of the IoT.
  • convinced that design methods make it possible to create a memorable office experience adapted to each corporate culture.

to solve a problem

Why combine technology and consulting?

What are the real uses of employees in the office?

In the office, what are the necessary modes of collaboration with regard to the company’s strategy?
Many consulting projects involve understanding office interactions.
Understanding the use of the work environment is a valuable lever to guide transformation projects. In order to better serve companies, we combine the expertise of Wx Studio and notre partenaire Jooxter.


our values

  • Human centric

    We put the human at the center of all our work. We don't execute a project without trying to incorporate the voice and the input of those who are going to live through it.

  • Insurgent

    We oppose the doxa, the gurus, and everyone who will tell you to follow their expertise without granting you the possibility to exert your judgment.

  • Family spirit

    We act as one team and share without fear amongst our peers. Although we may be spread across the globe, we make sure to contribute to the success of our colleagues, knowing they will act reciprocally.

a Sodexo corp-up

Wx is a fully owned subsidiary of Sodexo, one of the largest facility management organizations in the world.

With more than 100 millions customers served everyday and more than 450,000 employees over 72 countries Sodexo is an important leader in the industry.

Sodexo has achieved a structuring strategic move, at the beginning of the 2000’s, by moving to the integrated facility management sector; but now, as the workplace is becoming a growing matter, it became essential for them to address this topic for their clients. ‍

sodexo offices.jpg