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your workplace should support your buiness, not the contrary!

How to implement my business strategy into my workplace?

How to set up a flexible workplace?

How to get into smat building?

How to ensure healthy offices?



Average utilization for our clients, pre-crisis, and pre-project was 30%

This results in costly Inefficiencies: $150B worth of corporate real estate square footage is empty.

Poor Planning : If the size of workplaces adjusted to match changes in headcount, the Fortune 500 would save $107 billion annually, equal to the cost of 1 million employees.

Misused Space: 89% of CRE executives are not satisfied with the use of space at their company.

And the COVID crisis has just accentuated this issue.

In order to solve this problem, Wx Studio helps large organizations to measure their current utilization and find the levers to reduce this waste of space.
gather (real) data

gather (real) data

You need the data to make rational decisions regarding your workplace, and to convince your stakeholders. We leverage for that purpose our utilization sensors and various sources of data - including digital interactions.
include the user in the design & the decision process

include the user in the design & the decision process

Slow down to speed up. By understanding how your people work, asking what they want, and involving them in the decision process. You will limit the need for change management, and you will simply achieve a better design.

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a quantum shift in work ( FR)

L’ethnographie est la discipline de base derrière tous les sujets liés à l’expérience. C’est un outil majeur qu’il faut redécouvrir pour aider à créer des environnements qui plaisent à la fois à vos employés et à vos objectifs stratégiques.


a quantum shift in {work}

Ethnography is the ground discipline behind every topics related to experience. It is a major tool that ought to be rediscovered to helps creating an environments that please both your employees and your business goals.

Baromètre workspace by Wx

Quel est le taux d’occupation des Bureaux en France ? Quels sont les nouveaux usages de collaboration au travail ? Quelle est la politique de télétravail la plus adaptée à mes équipes ? Combien de m² nécessaire pour mon entreprise ? Pour vous permettre de construire le bon schéma immobilier, nous avons décidé de faire bénéficier à nos client […]

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