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Unbiased advisor

Unbiased advisor

We are independent from any real estate transaction-driven organizations, as we advise our clients to reduce their space!

Data driven

Data driven

At the core Wx lies an absolute fascination and faith in data and reason. We refuse to give uninformed opinions, and are cautious regarding whims and trends.

Human driven

Human driven

We place the user at the core of our thinking, and employ tools that enables to align everyone around a common, consistent experience. People dictate the assets, and not the contrary.

Unusual skills

Unusual skills

We assemble ethnographers, data scientist, UX designers, strategy consultants, tech specialists, and of course real estate professionals to provide you with insurgent, yet insightful results.

Alexandra Tournay

Being able to measure precisely occupancy and extract insights supporting large real estate decisions is of uttermost importance in a modern context. Wx has enabled my team to prove our workplace could be smaller and work better, dismissing some previously accepted opinions.

Alexandra Tournay Real estate director, Large Canadian Insurance Corp,

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a quantum shift in work ( FR)

L’ethnographie est la discipline de base derrière tous les sujets liés à l’expérience. C’est un outil majeur qu’il faut redécouvrir pour aider à créer des environnements qui plaisent à la fois à vos employés et à vos objectifs stratégiques.


a quantum shift in {work}

Ethnography is the ground discipline behind every topics related to experience. It is a major tool that ought to be rediscovered to helps creating an environments that please both your employees and your business goals.

Baromètre workspace by Wx

Quel est le taux d’occupation des Bureaux en France ? Quels sont les nouveaux usages de collaboration au travail ? Quelle est la politique de télétravail la plus adaptée à mes équipes ? Combien de m² nécessaire pour mon entreprise ? Pour vous permettre de construire le bon schéma immobilier, nous avons décidé de faire […]

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Where to start? How to really influence the organization through the workplace? What the meaning of life? Hard to help you on the last one, but anything else, we'll be please to explore it with you.

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