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workplace consultant

Workplace design experience to enhance workforce experience and create efficient modern workplaces.


workplace strategy

Design your workplace as a journey

key challenges companies have:

  • Moving to Liquid Workplace strategy
  • Re-opening and then re-purposing my workplace
  • Designing, delivering and measuring a continuity of experience
  • Managing variability and ubiquity to deliver services

workplace journey

rethinking the employee journey

Contexts where we help our clients in order to combine employees' experience and workplace strategy:

  • Liquid Portfolio Strategy
  • Experience Brief: Global / Regional / Local or Site
  • Hospitality Management strategy
  • Change Management
  • Experience Measurement: strategy & execution

enhanced employee experience and optimize your real estate ROI

how to improve workplace design?

Raise your experience standards in a consistent way
To achieve your objectives, improve the office space with new standards.
Wx Studio helps you to draw-up guidelines and standards for creating an efficient environment that will help the commercial success of your company thanks to an increasing well-being and productivity of your employees.
Wx’s work with you to help you create the right design for workplace:

  • Open working environment and consistent design
  • Workplace setting : shared a collaborative office space and quiet spaces
  • Design workplace using technologies and IoT devices
  • Mobility and adaptability of workplaces
  • Create safe and secure environment
  • Spaceless growth

leadership visioning

stay relevant amongst the competition

Creating value starts with asking the right questions: leadership visioning

  • Obtain a fair representation of the current state of workplace experience.
  • Evaluate the consistency of the workplace experience and opportunities for optimisation.
  • Explore the requirements to align the experience with the business strategy and how your employees understand it.

adopting new methodology & tools

define your workplace strategy

Employees at the center
Our methodology combines ethnography and a co-creative design thinking approach with our proprietary tool - The Workplace Experience Matrix to create tailor made solutions that have been built in conjunction with the employees at the sites.

The Workplace Experience Matrix

The Matrix tool will define the experience by activities across the entire user experience journey.
It is the perfect tool to move from a strategic position to an operational mode, keeping the project vision all along the process. - we use this at both the regional level for overall guidance and local level for operational direction.


User Journey Mapping

We map out the entire employee journey, integrating the different dimensions of the employee experience; we identify employee behaviors and their potential triggers in order to contextualize the behaviors observed through the data, and highlight current friction points in the journey.

2021 03 Flexsurvey summary (1).png

We refuse to give uninformed opinions

Workplace analytics

At the core Wx lies an absolute fascination and faith in data and reason. We refuse to give uninformed opinions, and are cautious regarding whims and trends. We employ every possible sources of data, depending on your context and your constraints.
Reason eats opinion for breakfast. That is why we perform extensive analysis on the data gathered and employ sophisticated algorithms to determine the key variables to take in account in your workplace transformation.


How Wx helps you to create efficient workplaces

workplace strategy

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workplace employee's experience

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workplace strategy & IT consulting

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workplace strategy

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workplace employee's experience

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workplace strategy & IT consulting

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workplace strategy

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workplace employee's experience

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workplace strategy & IT consulting

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Space briefs

Having the right look and feel and right mix of type and size of space to support activity in the office is crucial to match expectations of the users. The Space brief is a complement to your existing workplace standards and can provide a keen view from the end user perspective on the ways to enhance the working environment.
With an increase in flexible working, demand for individual desks will decline and the role of the workplace will be to enable 'human engagement' activities such as collaboration, coaching innovation and culture.
The current workplace configuration, technology offer and culture of space ownership inhibits this transition and the adoption of truly inclusive hybrid work practices.
A series of scalable initiatives could be implemented to transition the workplace experience to support future work needs.

project 4.png

service briefs

Services are crucial in accomplishing your vision of an energized workplace that enables your employees to work better. As the purpose of your office shifts, your service will also have to go through an adjustment - thanks to the Wx survey, the persona preference clusters, and the design thinking workshops, we’ll be in a position of showing you which services matter and should be reinforced, and which ones are ancillary and should be considered as such.
Should you let people receive personal orders at the office or should providing food on-site entice people to come more often at the office?
We will tell you.

project 1.png

technology brief

Technology is a major enabler to support a more flexible work environment.
Through our study, we are to assess the digital readiness of your workplace and propose, for each identified use case, the expected features of technological elements required to make this happen, as well as the related performance indicators.

project 3.png
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our locations

We directly operate in 3 major regions in the world, and have multiple capabilities in most geographies, thanks to our shareholder, Sodexo.


A key issue for all real estate managers or HR.

improving workplace experience

Many people talk about employee experience but only workspace design is taken into account.
Many people call this UX (User experience) or EX (Employee experience), but the root discipline has been here for a century, and it’s ethnography.
Wx’s team is composed of ethnographers who will be able to analyze your current environment and detect in an holistic manner what are the pain points to be improved so that you will increase workplace design, employee productivity and well being and optimize the return on investment of your buildings.


your workplace should support your DNA

improve your workplace design

Our ethnographers come to your office and observe people behavior and how they interact with the space:

  • They extract pain points and satisfaction points to draw up a report
  • From this report Wx team will define persona and typical workplace journey
  • We set-up a meeting to show you what datas reveals and what are the best way to improve your workplace design and space management.

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workplace is crucial for busines strategy

The workplace is crucial for busines strategy, and it doesn't have to be thought like in the 20th century.
We have now the ability to make better, more efficiently, and improve the experience of your people.

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