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Explore the challenges that Covid-19 has created for workplaces and how you can adapt to create a productive, empowered and safe workforce.


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From the workplace design experts at Wx – Sodexo’s corp-up -, “Responding to a Quantum Shift in Work” provides a complete overview of the implications of Covid-19 on workplaces. From the biggest questions to short, mid and long-term ways to address them, you’ll learn:

Why understanding employee user journeys is more important than ever before:

  • How to optimize workplaces without trying to predict the future?
  • How Wx blends consultancy, ethnography, IoT and data science to create smarter workplaces?
  • ...
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Ethnography is the ground discipline behind every topics related to experience.

It is a major tool that ought to be rediscovered to helps creating an environments that please both your employees and your business goals.


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