digital solutions

maximising the use of space

At first, the customer wanted to identify the under-occupied areas, and secondly, to define the actions to be taken to maximize the efficiency of the company without negatively affecting employee quality of life in their working environment.


Solutions implemented
On an initial perimeter of 25,000 sqm, the client selected all the Wx Solutions services, aiming to interface them with its room reservation and digital beaconing management system in the building.

Only six weeks after ordering, the customer noted with satisfaction that the 3,000 sensors and all Wx Solutions services were operational, going above and beyond the promise of “simple and fast”.

enhance employee performance

One month after commissioning, using Anlaytics platform, the property team was able to propose an additional entity arriving on site.

Teams which had strong operational relationships now benefit from geographical proximity by being in the same building which, for them, is a way of improving their efficiency.



workstation optimization

Through the number of workstations and, therefore, sqm saved, the ROI was immediate. With these results, a new 20,000 sqm building has been entrusted to Wx Solutions.