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Digitalising the work environment

Digitalising the work environment with a global leader in IT and digital transformation.

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space occupancy measurement

At the heart of digitalisation lies the data.

The customer wanted to measure utilization adapted to each type of space: in terms of units for a workstation or a phone point, in the number of occupants for the meeting rooms whatever their sizes and layout (innovation, training, etc.).


Solutions implemented

collect and make available the data

With its range of sensors, its interoperable platform, and its support, Wx Solutions was able to collect and make available the data the client requested in its IoT Hub.

Although not originally requested, with the client’s agreement, Wx Solutions implemented its Analytics solution to enable it to discover its value.


enhance space management & employee experience


plug and play processes

When there was sufficient data, the real estate department was able to see the “space analytics” KPI. These dashboards support space management projects.

Wx Solutions analytics go far beyond simple calculations. Out utilization rate report gives you pragmatic tool to optimize meeting rooms.