Supporting change for workplace transformation

With new ways of working, a move to a flexible office, the reduction from 25,000 m² to 12,000 m² with a constant workforce, our client wanted to guarantee improved efficiency combined with better working conditions.



Solutions implemented
Mindful of the issues, our client has implemented all the Wx Solutions services connected to its meeting room management solution.

The Wx Solutions Dashboards, which everyone can read, made it possible to set up a constructive dialogue between all the actors (Senior Management, Managers, HR, Property, Health and Safety Commission …). False problems and discussions around subjective data have disappeared. Using powerful KPIs, decisions were simple and quick to make, easy to communicate and accept.
Using Analytics tools, the client was able to define all the changes to layout and general rules on site which enabled the two stated objectives to be reached: efficiency and well-being (adjusting the ratio of flexible office space and allocation of space per entity, creation of a shared project space, support for changes in employee behavior).