ecosystem & partners

Since its creation Wx has set up a virtuous ecosytem to meet the challenges of companies. Whether for sensor production or for interconnection with your SI systems, we work with most of the operators of the digital workplace.


In order to offer a seamless office experience to your employees, we are interfaced with staff service providers, especially for meeting rooms booking systems.
Wx has leveraged Sodexo's worlwide network to be present wherever our clients need us.

Industrial and technological

  • Manufacture of our own sensors: AsteelFlash
  • IoT Network: Sigfox, LoRa
  • Platform: Online and Microsoft Azure
  • Architecture: Microsoft, Agaetis
  • IT Security: Advens and Provadys
  • Certifications: Emitech Group and LCIE
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  • Visoglobe, MapWize
  • Archibus, Planon, Spacewell
  • Sharing Cloud, Kardhal digital, Condeco, Hamilton software, ipso senso, ….


  • France: Kardham digital, Orange Business Services, Videlio, Engie ineo, Spie, Digitalis, Exaprobe, Whipple, Capvisio
  • United Kingdom & Ireland : Aura, Ricoh
  • Benelux : Post Luxembourg, Aremis Belgique
  • Spain : Archibus spain
  • Italy : Vodafone
  • Germany : Fascination
  • USA & Canada : Sodexo
  • APAC : Sodexo
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partners and workplace stakeholders

Main prescribers: Sodexo, ARP–Astrance, Colliers, JLL, Fascination, Tertia, CBRE, Open my space, Neo-nomade, Space Design, Oresys

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